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3rd Sarawak Primavera User Group Meeting (SPUG)

PCSS Consultancy Sdn Bhd carried out our 3 rd Sarawak Primavera User Group Meeting on the 21 st May 2009 at Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club, Miri.

The event attracted a great response from a variety of organisations from private companies to Curitn University students and we would like to thank all for attending and making the event a huge success. We would also like to express our appreciate and thanks to the staff from Eastwood Valley Golf & Country Club who provided such a fabulous venue and assistance.

Of course the event would not have happened if it were not for our esteemed speakers like Professor John Evans from Curtin University, Mr. Kho from Dayang Enterprise, and Mr. Nathan Maron from Ranhill Worley who shared their valuable knowledge and experience with us.

During the event our Managing Director Mr. Phil Palmer presented Synchro 4D modeling software which provides virtual construction visualisation. Synchro Professional can be used to define and communicate to your entire project management team what, when and where work is occurring on your project.

PCSS is the regional distributor for all Synchro products and has also appointed distributors in Singapore and Indonesia.

We thank again for those who has spared their time for attending this event and as well as those who putting effort to make this event happen and we look forward to the next event in Miri.