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October 2019

@one Alliance is a company that responsible to designs and builds the majority of Anglian Water’s projects which is the largest water and wastewater company in England. An interview session have been conducted with Clare Kovacs, who is a 4D Planner of @one Alliance and did implemented SYNCHRO SOFTWARE for Anglian Water’s projects.

Please click the photo to view the interview.

Clare Kovacs did mention that they act as the centre of 4D knowledge sharing. @one Alliance is a place where all the partner organizations gather around to discuss and get all perspective views to find the best practices. This collaboration have driven SYNCHRO as their best practice in their most projects. It’s an interoperability tool.

They have applied SYNCHRO for more than 100 projects in a year and aim to apply over a thousand projects soon. SYNCHRO only did not apply when the project is simple due to it can be done easily while SYNCHRO will be a better tools when it deal with complex projects. But the Alliance wanted to apply SYNCHRO to everything and lead to the right culture and behaviours within the company to deliver projects more efficient.

The greates outcome of using SYNCHRO 4D is when delivering the project. Start with getting detail into schedule and use it for commercial forecasting, procurement, design elements, and all other enabling and environmental issues. SYNCHRO act as everyone’s input rather than being a reporting tool. SYNCHRO allow the team to gather valuable input in the same platform, opportunities can be identify when the team can visualize the project & when the team is mutual, they can accelerate further the projects progress & get rid of working in silo environment. Before they get engage with SYNCHRO, they used  Primavera P6 for reporting scheduling purpose and now they can see the impact of the plans, operational interfaces, temporary works and many more that cannot be see by other software. Now, they did not rely only on schedule sheets only but they see the transformation of the schedule.

Digital is widely known in our world and look how it innovate the worlds. The Alliance believe that SYNCHRO 4D capable in educating the project delivery team, enable great collaboration and bring everyone on the journey of the projects from the starts. 4D planning with SYNCHRO is not in the picture until we discover how critical it’s with 4D capability in project planning which impacting us to embark with SYNCRHO for all our projects. The Alliance are getting better and better at delivering projects in 4D because they can see the bigger picture in their projects & how they can optimise it.

Let’s follow @one Alliance implementation in digital innovative construction with SYNCHRO 4D. They have proven that SYNCHRO 4D did make an excellent job in delivering projects to the whole team. It is never too late to start. One step into 4D will be your one biggest achievement. We will bring glory to your project completion with SYNCRHO 4D.

Click Here to  see the interview session.


September 2019

Project communication is overwhelmingly regarded as the proper and timely delivery of pertinent project information. Communication is more than information exchange but a way that project managers generate the grounds for a project.


The first step in communication is to identify the requirement of the project by knowing the type of information and communicate with correct person of the information.


Normal practice of communication will eventually lead to the frame work of who is the person required to communicate with what kind of information, and when do we need to perform it. Extensively it also might deal into location such as where do we perform it and why. Then the next is how we going to do the work.  (5 ‘W’ & 1 ‘H”)


Environment that surround will also influence project communication and it can be either internal or external environmental factors. Identify and accommodate the environmental factors can improve the project communication.


Lessons are learned from past projects could help the project in planned to increase the improvement rate by identify organizational process assets. The organizational process assets can be defined as the sources of existing policies, processes, organizational data, and also knowledge.


Effective and efficient communication process could assist project managers to identify the information needed to be sent and receiver of the information. Then, format of information and timeline schedule for information exchange to team members & stakeholders need to be decided by project managers. Result from that, stakeholders can retrieve regular updates on project status as an essential activity throughout the project. Project status information could be shared through status reports and meetings with associates on periodical basis. Therefore, effective communication process not only provides regular project status updates, it also provides information regarding performance capacity to the team members and stakeholders of the project.


How 4D Can Improve Project Management?

Now, we are in technology era and a lot of industries using technology to improve their project management especially in construction industries. Currently they are using 4D planning and scheduling with the help of recommended software such as Primavera P6 and Synchro Pro. Mortenson, Duke Energy, Austin Commercial, Ryan Companies, Beck Group and Walt Disney Imagineering are companies that prove these software have improved safety, increased productivity, lower cost and last but not least greater reliability.


Common question on 4D scheduling will be does that scheduling occur in silos, are dates and durations determined by the few, do the workflow and production will be reliable and steady, will the schedule end up following the project instead of leading, or is there exist a lack of understanding and cooperation. If there is a technology that can see the future of a project, it can avoid costly rework and informed decision will increase. Synchro PRO will make your dream come true with their ability on 4D construction scheduling that becomes the foundation of reliable and efficient way on deliver the project.



Synchro PRO will help you to communicate effectively especially when you can manage people within the project to see the project and here they will engage with it right away. However, you still need to identify the root of the problem you wanted to solve, test the technology solution and be sure the software does what it says. This is because not all 4D software provides the same functionality. So if you wanted to get better in project communication, start to invest your time in learning software likes Synchro Pro and Primavera P6.

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