Project Management Services

PCSS provides a range of professional project management systems and services to ensure your projects are managed successfully throughout the entire project life cycle, reducing the risk of project costs and schedule overruns.

This is achieved by implementing into your organization:

  • Project controls systems that include software Products
  • Development of processes and procedures based on standardized project management methodologies
  • A greater level of project management maturity through People training

At PCSS we recognize that organizations can be at different levels of project management maturity. As such, we strive to understand your requirements, to provide solutions for your immediate needs, and more importantly, build project management capabilities for the future.


Whether you are implementing program and project management for the first time, upgrading from a different system, or looking to improve your organization’s project management capabilities, PCSS can help. As part of the PCSS structured approach, our Assessments and Health Checks can put you on the right path for accelerated success.

Before undertaking any program and project management improvement endeavours, it is important to create a roadmap built on empirical and objective information.

Using the PCSS structured approach; we will identify and agree on the business issues, goals and objectives for improvement. We will then gain a thorough understanding of your organization’s current situation and capabilities by reviewing existing processes, organization structure, information and reporting, culture, maturity and systems.

Based on this information, we will perform a detailed gap analysis. Our experienced consultants then make recommendations necessary for improvements, which, through collaboration with our clients, are prioritized.

With a roadmap in place, we then agree the necessary roles and responsibilities, time-scales and actions that will improve your organization’s project management capabilities.

Spending this time up front, preparing and planning, not only ensures that the implementation stays focused on the most important tasks, but it also helps reduce implementation risk as well as establishes and maintains a solid baseline for measuring success. It also allows for easy tracking of the business benefits.

If you are about to implement an enterprise program and project management, or are interested in improving your existing capabilities, call PCSS today and learn how we can help you achieve rapid results.


It is common most of the organizations use their existing management structures for oversight and project governance. Many problems and conflict arise with this approach and it can slow down decision making, introduce politics into project decisions and significantly reduce accountability for project success.

By ignoring the important of project governance, the decision making framework for ‘business as usual’ activities interfere with business change initiatives and project execution. This can undermine a company’s investments in project management tools, processes and training as well as put the projects themselves at risk.

Some companies get confuse or blur the lines between project governance and stakeholder management. In these cases, stakeholders, in a quest to better understand the progress of a project, often feel the need to get more involved and end up in the detailed discussions of committee meetings. This slows down decision making and the stakeholder information needs are rarely met.

It is part of PCSS service in helping large companies in setting up project governance frameworks for improved decision making, project execution and accountability through PCSS consultants with vast experience in project management. By setting up Project Boards or Project Steering Committees with the appropriate authority levels, project decisions are made faster and in a more logical and repeatable fashion. It is also very clear exactly who is accountable for project success.

Management processes are often the last thing implemented in an enterprise project management deployment and in some cases, are left out all together. PCSS can help you successfully implement or improve project governance, putting you on the path to improved decision making, accountability and project success.


Our consultants at PCSS have decades of experience in helping organizations better understand formal risk management and how it applies to their industry and programs. We avoid over engineering the risk process which often delivers poor results as well as a lack of user and organizational adoption. We focus on pragmatic risk management solutions that allow management to have more confidence in their project data and reports while reducing project risk.

Project risks need continuous evaluation, monitoring and management. PCSS can identify project risks, analyze risks and help objectively manage and mitigate them, resulting in project reports that you can rely on. We can help build risk processes and procedures together with supporting risk management tools to ensure your project has the highest probability of success.


Our risk management consulting services include:

  • Work-flow and procedure setup for risk management
  • Monte Carlo analysis – cost and schedule risk analysis
  • Management of the risk register data
  • Mitigation of risk and cost-benefit analysis
  • Portfolio risk analysis

We also have a 3-day training class on Oracle Primavera Risk Analysis.

Audit Services

It is critical to identify risks and manage them before adverse consequences occur. Use PCSS expertise as an independent organization to audit your processes and project data. Our auditing services include:

  • Auditing the project schedule
  • Auditing the risk register
  • Auditing your schedule risk analysis (Monte Carlo)
  • Reviewing your risk processes and procedures
  • Validating your risk reports and mitigation plans

Gain an unbiased assessment of your risk management processes, project data and project risk by calling in the PCSS experts today.

Risk Workshops

Use the PCSS team’s experience in risk management and facilitation skills to run risk workshops for your project teams. These workshops focus on your organization and can be customized to reflect the unique project scenarios and challenges that you face. Typical topic areas that we have delivered for other organizations include:

Schedule Improvement and Validation

  • Auditing the baseline schedule
  • Validating the baseline schedule and matching it to the scope of work
  • Determining issues related to schedule logic
  • Enhancing schedule maturity

Schedule Improvement and Validation

  • Establishing risk ranges for a Monte Carlo analysis (minimum, most likely, and maximum)
  • Compiling a project risk register or risk log
  • Integrating external risks into the project schedule for analysis
  • Determining risk mitigation scenarios


The PCSS team has real world scheduling expertise and a thorough knowledge of both Primavera P6 EPPM and Primavera P6 Professional. We are available to join your project team at the planning stage to help you turn your scope and other project documentation into WBS Dictionaries and a well thought-out Primavera P6 schedule.

Primavera P6 Scheduling Services

An essential element to the success of any project is the monitoring and controlling to ensure accurate progress measurement to-date and the forecast to completion of the remaining work to ensure early detection of any divergence from the approved baseline allowing for appropriate intervention.

Project controls starts off with well-defined planning and PCSS can provide this service from the tendering phase to the early conceptual phase of the project through until commissioning has been achieved. Our service includes the use of Primavera software and is tailored to meet the needs of the individual clients’ requirements. All our planning consultants are fully trained in the use of all our tools and have a wide experience in a variety of industries whether it is for long term or short term assignments.

PCSS Primavera schedulers provide the expertise to build project schedules, status and maintain schedules and provide standard and custom reports to help you complete your projects on time and on budget. We ensure your project schedules are vertically and horizontally integrated to create true Integrated Master Schedules, giving you the insight necessary to effectively manage your projects and proactively mitigate risks. Once the schedule is built, our schedulers can provide schedule maintenance and reporting expertise, including:

  • Identifying the critical path
  • Resource loading
  • Importing/exporting data
  • Cost/schedule integration

Whether your project is a simple schedule that needs to be created and maintained or part of a large program that fits into your enterprise portfolio, PCSS Scheduling Services can help.

Primavera P6 User Support

Once Primavera has been implemented at your company and your users have attended training, they will begin using the Primavera software to build and maintain your project schedules. PCSS has been providing support services to clients for over 22 years. We have a dedicated local support services team based in Kuching, further backed by over 11 strong Project Controls professionals across Malaysia. PCSS’s support capabilities and offerings across software, solutions and processes are summarised below and provide unique and unmatched value in the market today.

Navigating in the software:

  • Scheduling best practices
  • Critical path report creation
  • Import and export data between Primavera and other software
  • “How to” guidance as you move from beginning user to intermediate and advanced

Local technical support

Phone support from your overseas software vendors is one thing, but support from local certified support engineers backed by a leading solution provider that knows your business is another. PCSS technical support includes:

  • Log and track all technical support requests via phone or Web (via Self Service Portal)
  • Prime support requests for agreed vendor supported product/software (break/fix)
  • Prime support requests for technical environment issues

To extend, our technicians are just a phone call away and ready to help you as you build and maintain Primavera schedules and utilize the data to manage your projects. Today’s technology allows us to create a remote support environment that makes it feel as if the technical expert is “in-house”. Our consultant can assit from remote desktop technology to assist help walk you through solutions to some of the technical challenges you may encounter while utilizing Primavera P6.

Primavera Solution & Integration Support P6 Configuration and User Administration

Our Primavera P6 consultant can assist your organization by establish guidelines for administering and managing your Primavera P6 database,

Integrated project control solutions extend well beyond one platform. PCSS supports the end to end solution, across platforms inclusive of interfaces and integrations between project control systems and ERP’s. This level of premium support service includes managed SLA’s with agreed support hours across all platforms and interfaces within scope includes;

  • User Privileges and Profile set up
  • Admin Preferences
  • Layout set up on project and activities window
  • Creating dashboards
  • Any other administration needs you may have
  • User account creation

Call PCSS today and add our expertise to your project team!