VDC (Virtual Design Construction) Project Delivery Services

Expert 4D BIM/ VDC support for your projects

Our Team Will Help Your Team Succeed

Synchro’s Project Delivery team (SPD) provides focused expertise to support the successful implementation of the Synchro platform within client organizations for projects of all types. Experience demonstrates that the value of PROGRESSIVE deployment is realized by:

  • winning more bids,
  • reducing delays in the field,
  • catching schedule errors early
  • averting hazardous and costly risks

The ROI from deploying Synchro in a smart and committed manner is considerable. Our involvement, either short term or long term, ensures that you realize the full benefit of the features and workflows our platform provides throughout the complete construction lifecycle.


SPD Sample Project Work:

We have worked with builders of challenging projects to extend “WHAT IS POSSIBLE” with Synchro. Clients include Bechtel, Skanska, Hensel Phelps, Clark Construction, MWH, Suffolk Construction, BAM Construction, Lendlease, Crossrail, and others. A few examples that we have implemented on projects include –

  1. Resource histograms – Synchro can actually be used to track the daily usage of resources such as concrete (just one example), and report histograms of plan vs. actual that can be shown alongside the 4D model for accurate, clear ‘one stop shop’ reporting.
  2. Production tracking – Synchro’s calculated user fields feature allow you to take advantage of the quantity data coming from your BIM model as well as schedule updates to easily calculate and compare predicted vs actual productivity rates.
  3. Safety planning – Transparent workspaces and equipment path logistics can be linked to construction activities to enable dynamic detection of possible clashes/overlaps resulting from unplanned, missing, or misaligned scheduled activities that result in potential safety risks at the jobsite.
  4. Lean practices – Adopting a workflow incorporating Synchro in look-ahead (pull planning) sessions ensures the reduction of misalignments and interferences, thus increasing productivity and minimizing latency, and meeting project finish dates with more confidence.
  5. Virtual schedule analysis – Undetected errors and gaps exist in all schedules – they range from missing dependencies to stacking work zones, inaccurate task durations, misplaced equipment, and more. Synchro’s range of tools for visually diagnosing delays and errors which otherwise would not be detected until too late enables the team to quickly identify, test, and track (actualize) solutions.