About Synchro

Synchro Software was born from a passion to bring improvement to construction

What drives us…

Synchro Software was born from a passion to bring improvement to the construction industry. Construction has a significant impact on quality of life on earth- it creates the houses we live in, the roads that transport us, the utilities that serve us, the buildings we work in and the factories that produce the items we use every day.

At Synchro, we understand that we have a responsibility to positively influence the industry we serve and the world in which we live. We also recognize that change is hard. Our 4D BIM and Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) software platform is intuitive and simple to learn but it must be accompanied by a willingness to think differently and to engage in a highly cooperative and transparent process. The outcome is remarkable, we hear it from our customers every day.

Synchro is enabling teams to improve the quality, the safety, the productivity and efficiency of projects around the world. And this is just the beginning, the potential for improvement and innovation in the future is enormous.

A brief history…

Since our beginning in 2001, the Synchro team has focused on creating a technology platform to successfully pave a path from lean manufacturing methods to digital planning and production methods, using the power of 21st century technology to tame and to effectively manage the growing complexity in construction. After years in development, Synchro PRO was ready to be put to the test. In 2007, a few early adopters of our third generation platform started to implement Synchro PRO on large, complicated projects. It was clear Synchro’s visual approach was making a significant positive impact and word began to spread.

Growth led us to expand from our headquarters in Birmingham England to include offices in Boston Massachusetts and Berkeley California. Along the way, we added resellers of Synchro products around the globe.

What has fueled our growth and is truly changing construction and capital project metrics is the innovation that results from teams using “the power of real time visualization” to break down silos and to cooperatively identify and resolve inefficiencies in the process so that projects can be reliably delivered, better, faster and cheaper.

Today, our customers range from the largest most recognizable companies in the world to small local consultants. We continue to partner with our users to define our roadmap and to constantly improve our technology in ways that are important and valuable to our users. So when the best in the industry suggests a new idea, we make sure it happens and when we do, everyone benefits. It is people who deliver projects, not technology. Give people the right tools and remarkable things happen.

That’s our story; we look forward to hearing your story.

Synchro Customers Lead Innovation