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Primavera Enterprise Portfolio Project Management Roll-Out Demonstration to Minister in JKR Q-Visit

On the month of December the State Secretary (SS) visited JKR HQ during his Q-Visit and attended the Primavera P6 booth that consisted of four (4) personal computers provided by PCSS complete with Primavera programme linked into the JKR database in readiness should the SS and JKR Directors require a guided tour of the current implementation.

Upon the SS entering the JKR auditorium Mr. Phil Palmer provided an overview of the Primavera P6 implementation by showing the ‘Directors Dashboard’ and explaining the various data columns indicating the current health of all projects. Upon exiting the auditorium Madam Siti Rafizah Bt. Mohd Kasiran provided further explanation to the SS detailing how progress is updated into the software in order to determine divergences from the approved baselines and providing visibility to ‘sick’ and near ‘sick’ projects.

This high time that Sarawakians, much sought after internationally due to their expertise and ability to withstand pressure and challenges, be provided the opportunity to work in their own state instead of ‘bejalai’ (seeking greener pastures elsewhere).

PCSS Consultancy plays an important role in developing and supplying professional personal in the industry. PCSS is currently urged and collaborating with few Companies and Government agencies in Sarawak to increase the maturity of Project Management especially in Primavera P6 within the Borneo region to increase the competency of graduates not limited to candidates which embark to working environment but also project engineer at junior level to fulfill the manpower demand in Project Management.

PCSS also awarded as the best Project Management Implementer Award with the competency of Project Management Software. During interview, Principle Solutions Architect mentioned the distinct between PCSS Implementation is driven by Project Management Methodologies rather than heavily investing on ICT without a good understanding the art of Project Management. ‘We do have a few clients who emphasize heavily on the system itself and networking system. Client gets blinded with the cost invested on the system and expecting a magic wonder in their project monitoring system but forgetting the foundation of the solution is dependent on the competency of the user that will drive efficiency of the Project Management Solution. Where by PCSS Solution emphasize on increasing the maturity of Project Control Knowledge and changing the Project Control culture.’ With the architect of the solution, it is more economical for the client and reduces the investment on the system setup and focus on PCSS consultation services.

PCSS expertise and collective experience of over 40 years in project management that sets PCSS apart from their competitors in providing best-in-practice solutions that have been recognized by professional institutions like the Project Management Institute (PMI) by granting PCSS (the only Malaysian company) with membership to their prestigious Registered Consultants Programme (RCP). In addition we are also a PMI Registered Education Provider (REP) providing a range of project management training courses.