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Project Management Planning Tools – Synchro 4D Introduction

June 2019

Projects demand extraordinary planning and management – with Synchro  PRO, we are able to utilize an advanced Critical Path Method (CPM) engine to deliver traditional 2D project planning, scheduling and controls, schedule quality analysis and management reporting, with the added functionality of 4D simulation- precisely, and in real time. 4D provides everyone the ability to see the project tasks, the spaces, and the resources being used without having to interpret pages of Gantt charts and design documents that consume time to determine the optimal approach for a project.

Synchro Software has one mission: To create easy-to-use technology that enables construction teams to deliver the highest quality projects, safely, efficiently and with confidence

Who Uses Synchro PRO?

Owners, contractors, subcontractors, specialty supplier and consultants use Synchro for the construction of buildings, infrastructure, roads and bridges, healthcare facilities, industrial processes, oil and gas, power and alternative energy, marine and mining projects.

Why 4D?

Synchro 4D is able to show the outcome of the entire project to ensure work is delivered efficiently and effectively. With a virtual design, the construction sequences, safety, spatial relationships can be reviewed before construction works begin. Design errors can be identified at an early stage and be resolved quickly. Synchro links 3D Resources (human, material, equipment and space) to its tasks. Changing construction sequences is quick and easy. The impact can e seen immediately.