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Similajau 275kV Substation Capacitor Bank Project

Description :

This project calls for project planning, scheduling and controlling for Similajau 275kV Substation Capacitor Bank. PCSS is engaged by GE Energy Management Grid Solutions in formulating the Master project planning and control policies, establishing the planning procedure and performance measuring standards with PMC for entire project period. There is meticulous planning and scheduling conducted in order to ensure the work program is compliance to the contact’s requirement and also responsible for in providing all reporting scheduling activities. Ensuring work program is compliance to the contract’s requirement date/Milestone and have logical sequences, realistic duration based on the proposed allocation resources and ‘S-curve’ (projected cash flow/ planned value), and applying/implementing the most suitable and latest construction methodology. PCSS also tasked to Assist Senior Project Manager to establish and implement project controls for system works contract and liaise with systems contractors and establish fully integrated and robust design and construction programmes, to render all assistance to enable a fully integrated programme is prepared, submit and approved by the Client.


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